I have bought a subscription on Audioblanket. Where do I download the music tracks?

Once you login as a paid subscriber you will see a download button on each library page next to the track title. Download any track you wish and use it in your commercial production.

Will I receive a copyright claim if I use your music on my YouTube videos?

We clear all copyright claims for our users. Our music is protected so in case you receive a copyright claim you can either dispute it or contact us to remove the claim immediately.

I cancelled my subscription. Will YouTube mute my videos with your music or raise get copyright claims again?

All existing videos and productions with claims removed during an active subscription, will stay cleared for a lifetime. However if you use our music in productions created after your cancellation date, you will receive a copyright claim which will not be removed unless you activate your subscription again. Long story short, you can use all our tracks for productions created during the period your subscription is active.

How long is the license for the tracks valid?

The license is valid for unlimited number of years, for productions released during an active subscription.

Can I use the same track in more than one video / production?

You can use the tracks unlimited times, in unlimited projecs, in unlimited YouTube channels.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You will find the cancellation button under your Account menu.

Can I use your music in a new Netflix production if I pay the monthly plan?

Our monthly plan will get you covered for music uses such as YouTube (monetization included – we clear copyright claims), podcasts, FB Ads, Instagram Ads, Presentations, Crowdfunding campaigns, Podcasts, Online videos.

If you want to use our music in ODT platforms (such as Netflix, Hulu) or globally broadcasted advertising please contact us to setup a custom license for Enterprise use. Read more about our license options.