Videomakers & producers

12.99€ per month

Unlimited access to the entire music library for commercial use. Download and use all tracks. Cancel anytime. 

✓ Use all our tracks in YouTube videos (monetization included – we clear all copyright claims). Even if you cancel your subscription, the videos uploaded while your subscription was active will stay monetized for ever.

✓ FB Ads

✓ Instagram Ads

✓ Presentations

✓ Crowdfunding campaigns

✓ Podcasts

✓ Online videos

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Custom price

For film Studios and ODT uses.


✓ Regional & National TV

✓ Advertising broadacasted nationally

✓ Streaming ODT Platforms (Netflix etc)

✓ Global Broadcasting

✓ Films

If you would like to use our music in the media mentioned above you need a custom license. Contact us to get a custom price for your specific needs.